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Florida is also known as the land of beauty with sand, beaches, snowbirds and a real estate speculation. The first real estate boom came ever since 1920s at the doorsteps of this extravagant sunshine state. With an idea that everyone can own this sunny slice of Tampa took a root within American dream all along through the beaches of Miami.

When it comes to making an investment

Well, there is a great loss of risk and one needs to be lucky enough to make that effort. Timing is everything while investing in a place like Florida. Florida’s housing prices are slowly recovering from the Great Recession nosedive, when it hit extremely high prices in December 2006. That time the state had the harshest experience, whole nation saw it. Recently, the trend is tilting a bit to a positive side showing renewed interest of real estate in Florida. The case – shriller index is considered to be more reliable indicator to estimate market trend of real estate property in Florida, says S&P. Since November 2012, Miami’s house prices have been uninterruptedly growing high. Recent reports shows that in a community called Lauderdale by the sea, clients’ in order to get that chance of buying those condos selling for $500000 - $1 million, camped out overnight.

Across Florida, buyers & investors find varying prices of real estate

Real estate brokers in Florida listed down these varying prices online as well as in their agency office for the investors to select according to their choice. The cheapest avg. sale was priced to $37.36/sq.ft in Pinellas county in Kenneth City. Most expensive of all was the $546.77per sq.ft Key Biscayne with a difference rounded off to $500. To buy real estate in this luxurious area, one needs to keep this budget estimation. With an exclusive central business district with class A office space, downtown West Palm Beach is considerably the state’s most expensive place which gets the dubious distinction. To sell real estate in Florida’s palm beach, it might take patience as the clients won’t come up so easy at such rates.

Roughly real estate agents in Florida estimate class A space to be around $50 to $60 gross which includes insurance, various maintenance charges and rent along with tax. Luxury office space has great demand in Florida but certainly is short in supply. Occupancy rates are city’s main 3 class A towers which is given around 90% to 95%. Some realtors say that the city needs to build up more class A office buildings in order to address the demand rising for this office space. Just like any other real estate brokers, luxurious estate owners across Florida also try to attract new investors to their area. The only problem that haunts these brokers is that the “out of town money” don’t know much about West Palm Beach.

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